Youth Master Plan Launching


All this summer and fall, local youth serving agencies are launching Vision Leadville, The 2013 Leadville-Lake County Youth Master Plan.

If you attended the Vision Leadville event in March of 2012, we hope that you’ll find that the plan reflects much of what residents said there about what Leadville’s strengths were–and how we might build on them to create a healthier community for youth and families. Among the things you might see on the ground that are mentioned in the Youth Master Plan are (1) The Leadville Hub!, (2) the work to remodel the Lake County Middle School Play Yard, (3) the high school remodel, (4) a revitalized District Accountability group that truly uses community input to drive change in the school district, (5) and a new Coordinated School Health position (funded by the Colorado Department of Education) that will work to improve health and wellness for students and staff in the school district. And that is really just the beginning!

The Vision Leadville Steering Committee is currently asking local boards to adopt a resolution promising to use the Youth Master Plan as a guiding document. If you belong to a board that is interested in adopting the plan, please contact Katie Baldassar at . For a copy of the Youth Master Plan, please go here: Vision Leadville.