Weigh and Win comes to the Lake County Public Library

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The Lake County Library now has a Weigh and Win kiosk!

The kiosk was installed today, and now the program can be offered for free to residents 18 and older. It provides fitness plans, a weekly grocery list, access to health coaches, meal plans, cash incentives for those with a BMI of 25 or greater and other prizes for participation. Progress is tracked with quarterly weigh-ins at the Lake County Public Library. The kiosk measures weight, BMI and takes a full-length photograph providing a visual progress report of participant weight improvement.

How do you start? Just go to the Lake County Public Library, head upstairs toward the AMAX room, and stop at the kiosk. Enter your email, step on the scale, smile for the camera, and that’s it. You’ll receive an email by the time you’re home to help you finish the sign up process. Immediately, you’ll begin receiving coaching emails tailored to your goals.

Nyree, a Weigh andWin user who lost 100 pounds with the program offers this advice:  Don’t procrastinate! – Sign-up and get started immediately. After I signed up, I waited several months before I took action. The sooner you take action; the sooner you can reach your goal!


library kiosk

The new Weigh and Win kiosk at the Lake County Public Library! When you come in the door, turn right and go up the stairs. You can’t miss it!

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