Upcoming LiveWell Colorado Trainings

LWLC logoInterested in learning more about Healthy Eating or Active Living? Check out these trainings, webinars–and other opportunities recently added to the LiveWell Colorado Calendar:

November 11: Who Cares about Food Stamps?

November 12: Cultivating Prevention Champions: Making the Case to Local Elected Officials

November 13: Promise Zones- Rebuilding Communities for Health Equity

November 14: The NACTO Urban Street Design Guide: Changing the DNA of City Streets

November 18: Breaking it Down: School Composting Made Easy with FoodCorps

November 18: Water as Part of The Commons

November 19: Actions to Reduce Unhealthy Food Marketing to Kids: Understanding the Past to Foster Success in the Present

November 19: The future of city streets: NACTO Urban Design Guide

November 19: Strategic Highway Research Program 2 Economic Impact Tools

November 20: Last Mile Connections Symposium

December 4: Developing Effective Practices for Snow Removal: Why is it Worth all the Effort?

December 6: Colorado Coalition for Healthy Schools Meeting

December 10: Farm to School in Afterschool Programs

February 12 – April 23: DUG Master Community Gardener Training Program

February 24 – April 26: DUG Master Composter Training Program

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