Upcoming Healthy Eating and Active Living Training Opportunities!

2540668745_17c7f0dd13_zInterested in training to help more your healthy eating or active living project forward? Check out these conferences, trainings, and webinars below. If you plan to attend any of these, please let us know! Email Katie Baldassar at katie@lcbag.org


For more information, visit the LiveWell Colorado Calendar:

April 8: Connecting Public Health and Food Service Operators: Changing the Way America Eats
April 9: Communicating Effectively with Every Family
April 13: The Fine Art of Messaging
April 15: Implementing Healthy Celebrations, Rewards, and Fundraisers
April 15: PARTNER: A Tool for Collecting and Utilizing Data to Build, Manage, and Evaluate Networks
April 15: Green Ribbon Schools Award
April 15: Creative Ways to Consider Funding Future Transportation
April 16: Farm to School Curriculum Integration
April 23: Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper – And Healthier
April 30:  Building Diversity to Change Policy and Conditions in Community and Organizations
April 30: Farm to School Program Sustainability
April 30: Show Your Impact
May 7-8: Partners In The Outdoors Conference
May 20: Law Enforcement Strategies to Improve Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety
May 28-30: Network Leadership Training Academy
September 13-16: 2015 Closing the Hunger Gap Conference

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