Upcoming Healthy Eating and Active Living Webinars and Trainings

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Interested in training opportunities to learn more about Healthy Eating and Active Living? Check out the webinars, conferences, and other resources below:

  1. Events added to the LiveWell Colorado Calendar:
    January 27: Understanding Childhood Obesity through the Lens of Health Equity and Justice
    January 28: Tools for Social Change: The National Equity Atlas
    January 29: Tools & Roles for Municipalities to Improve Healthy Food Access
    January 29: Maximizing Out-of-School Time: Empowering Afterschool Providers to Create Healthier Communities
    January 29: Using the Get In The Action Volunteer Center
    February 3: Focus on Pedestrians: Sidewalks and Crosswalks Webinar
    February 5: 2015 Colorado Health Report Card Release
    February 5: Elected Officials Walk the Walk
    February 9: Helping students understand their food systems
    February 10: Telling your story: Share your success with media, the community and funders
    February 11: Connecting Mission and Margin through Hospital Community Benefit – IRS and Treasury Regulations in an Era of Heightened Transparency
    February 11: New Farm Bill Resources to Build Healthy Food Systems
    February 11: Food Policy and Regional Food Systems: Opportunities for Networking across Jurisdictions
    February 17: Strengthening Farm to School
    February 18: New Tools for Estimating Walking and Bicycling Demand
    February 19: A Look Back, A Path Forward: Lessons Learned from the Food Hub Vanguard, Volume 1
    February 20: What’s Happening in Health Care?
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