Upcoming Healthy Eating and Active Living Funding Opportunities

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Visit the LiveWell Colorado Funding Opportunities Web Page for more information on these exciting opportunities for your community:


Funding Opportunity



​March 14, 2014 ​Champions for Healthy Kids ​Healthy eating and active living ​$10,000
March 30, 2014​ ​The Wallace Center ​Food hub development and capacity building of small and mid-size farms ​Up to $75,000
​March 31, 2014 ​USDA Community Food Project, Planning and Training & TA grants ​Increase community food access ​Up to $250,000
​April 1, 2014 ​COBIZ Cares Youth development, shelter and crisis services, children’s and family services, food banks, food pantries and food distribution​ ​Up to $5,000
​April 1, 2014 ​Colorado Action for Healthy Kids Parent Advocates ​Build school wellness teams, implement projects, and serve as spokespeople ​$600 stipend
​April 11, 2014 ​World Hunger Leadership Challenge ​Service-learning project that addresses hunger issues ​$1, 000, $5,000 or $25,000 prizes
​April 22, 2014 ​Department of Labor YouthBuild grant program ​Community-based alternative education program for disadvantaged youth populations ​$1.1 million
​April 26, 2014 ​Wal-Mart State Giving Program ​Hunger relief, healthy eating, and career opportunity ​Up to $250,000
​April 28, 2014 ​Centers for Disease Control & Prevention ​Capacity building for public health departments to conducts HIAs ​Up to $145,000
​May 2, 2014 ​Action for Healthy Kids’ School Grants for Healthy Kids ​Help schools create or expand school breakfast programs or enhance PA programs ​Up to $5,000
​May 6, 2014 ​William T Grant Foundation ​Advance understanding in the area of inequality in youth development ​Up to $600,000
​May 15, 2014 ​Organic Farming Research Foundation ​Agricultural production, social, economic, or policy issues ​Up to $15,000
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