Upcoming Healthy Eating and Active Living Events, Webinars, and Trainings

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Interested in learning more about Healthy Eating and Active Living? Check out these events added to the LiveWell Colorado Calendar. Some are in-person trainings or conferences and others are webinars. Go to the Calendar to learn more.

March 10: Adding Value to Farm Products
March 11: Accessible Pedestrian Signals
March 13: Farm to School: Using Specifications to Target Local Products
March 18: Healthy Food Retail 101: Strategies for Changing the Food Retail Environment
March 19: All In: The Value of Investing in Complete and Green Streets
March 19: Healthy Kids = Smart Kids: What You Can Do
March 20: Walking Shouldn’t Be Hazardous to Your Health
March 25: Healthy Food Procurement in the County of Los Angeles
March 25: Food Safety Liability and Regulations
March 27: Farm to School: Working with Distributors
April 4: Leadership Is For Everyone (LIFE)

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