The Rockies Rock!

fish hatchery

Photo by USFWS Mountain Prarie

Rockies Rock summer program for students entering 4th-7th grades is going strong!  This program is sponsored by Project Dream’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers and a grant through the office of Extended Learning Opportunities.  Over 60 youth have been participating in outdoor environmental education activities to learn about how we are all connected to our environment.  The first week was spent at Outward Bound learning about human and animal survival.  The second week was offered in collaboration with the Keystone Science School and the Fish Hatchery. Students learned about their role in the environment.  The third and fourth weeks are offered in collaboration with the Cloud City Conservation Center.  Students are learning about alternative energy sources and even cooked smores in a solar oven!  During the waste reduction week they will be touring the Lake County landfill, recycling center, and solar panels.  On week 5, students will be creating their own experiments and service projects.  The program will end with a partnership with Guidestone and trips to a working ranch and farm.  This has been a very exciting program where students are engaged, excited, and learning about their surroundings here in the beautiful Rocky Mountains!