Teen Boom Days Committee

Teen boom daysThe Teen Boom Days Committee is currently developing activities and events for the kids and teens of Lake County to participate during Boom Days this year. There are well over 400 pre-teens and teens in the Leadville/Lake County that will be around during the Boom Days weekend. Our main focus is to have a place where teens can go in the evening that is safe, fun, and will have a positive environment for them, but to make this happen we need your help!

We are currently looking for donations to help us reach our goal of $3,600, which will provide the pre-teens and teens with several different events during the Boom Days weekend.  We are also looking for volunteers that can help supervise during the events that are taking place. The first event is during the afternoon on August 2nd and will take place at Ice Palace Park. There will be several interactive inflatables, two of them will be dry inflatables with a competitive focus and the other two will be water inflatables that will allow pre-teens and teems to cool off from the heat.

The second event will take place on August 2nd and will be at the White Tops Basketball Courts/Ice Skating Rink. This will be an outdoor dance party for teens. There will be a Live DJ and a Foam Pit for the teens to party in. Having it at the White Tops Basketball Courts allows it to be supervised and enclosed so that it is safe environment for all teens.

Many businesses and community members are on board and providing support for  these events. The pre-teens and teens of Lake County are excited about the events and  having their own place during Boom Days. We are accepting donations in person, by check or through our gofundme.com website, http://www,gofundme.com/teenboomdays2014. Every donations that we receive will get an acknowledgements on our Facebook page at our events.

We would like to thank you fr considering this opportunity to partner with our committee for raising funds. If you have any queries regarding our committee, our funds management policy, or the project itself, please feel free to contact Mr. Wells at bwells@lakecountyschools.net.

Thank You,

Luis, Vida and the Teen Boom Days Committee

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