Summer Volunteer Opportunities

huck-finn-concepts1If you have not already noticed, the NEW Huck Finn Skatepark has been a HUGE hit in the past few weeks.  The park was made possible because of dedicated community members who volunteered their time to make it happen. Now, they could use some help planting trees and shrubs to beautify the park. Volunteers will be on site on Wed., June 11 from 9-noon and Sat., June 14 from 9-noon. Please consider stopping by for an hour or two. They could use all the help we can get! Long sleeves, long pants and gloves are recommended.

Cloud City Conservation Center is looking for Zero Waste Volunteers for the Leadville Race Series Events.  They have been successful in diverting 75% oC4 Final Logo copyf all waste from these events, from the lake County landfill and turning this waste into valuable recycled products and local soil.  It’s a busy, high energy day hanging out with us and lots of recycling and compost.  If you are able to volunteer for a shift, they would love to have you! This year, C4 is also looking for Zero Waste Captains who can manage an aid station from start to finish. This is a BIG JOB for some aid stations.  We do not need this for the June event, but we do for every other event. Sign Up On their Volunteer Site:

Thanks for making Leadville an even  better place!
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