Safe Routes to School

Learning where children walk.   Concerns about lack of snow removal .  Unmaintained, missing sidewalks.

Needing pedestrian, school zone, and stop signs.  Fear of strays dogs.

Finding out where kids get bullied.  Marking areas with limited visibility.

(Thanks to LCMS students for these terrific pictures!)

Theses are just some of the concerns parents, students and residents came up with on the Safe Routes to School Community Assessment Day last month.  Now, Lake County Build A Generation is putting together ideas from all of the maps that were created about our school walk zone.  In November, we’ll bring together people who are passionate about improving our school walk zone, look over these maps and prioritize work to be done in the coming years.  Want to join us?  Contact Erin at Lake County Build A Generation for more information: 719-486-4114.

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