Qigong classes in Leadville this summer!

Join Strong River Qigong for a fun, gentle, yet powerful class.


photo by: Saggio Cialtrone

Qi (“Chi”) is the Chinese word for life energy, the animating power that flows through all living things. Gong(“Gung”)is the benefit derived from practice. Qigong (“Chi gung”)is an ancient Chinese healthcare practice using the breath, gentle stretches, and movements to open and strengthen the body and mind in a safe, gentle and enjoyable way.

Classes will be offered:

Sunday:    7AM         Community soccer field  (No class July 7)

Tuesday/Thursday: 8:00 AM   Bob Zaitz Park(across from Sayer McKee) No class July 9th

Tuesday/Thursday: 5:30 PM   Ice Palace Park(Near Mining Museum) No class June 27, July 9

Leave feeling relaxed, yet energized, ready to face any challenge with a greater sense of balance. Your first class is free and then the cost is by donation. Classes will be held weather permitting. Contact Diane with questions at 719-293-5280.