The Leadville Community Hub is a collaborative project between Lake County Build a Generation, the Lake County School District, Full Circle of Lake County, Project Dream, and LiveWell Leadville.
These agencies envisioned one bilingual virtual hub—accessible by computer, tablet, or mobile phone—where Leadville families could go to find out information about family-friendly events, activities or programs.

The partner agencies agree to do the following:

  • Regularly “tag” events so that they appear on the correct calendar.
  • Keep up the blog by writing about interesting or exciting event or programs at their agency at least once a month.
  • Update a picture on the slideshow roughly once per month.
  • Update their Resources listing every six months or as changes are needed.
  • Help ensure that other agencies’ family-friendly events, programs, and activities appear on the calendar.
  • In general help update content regularly.

Do you want to be a Leadville Community Hub partner? Email or call 719-486-4114.