Healthy Eating and Active Living Training and Funding Opportunities

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These training events have recently been added to the LiveWell Colorado Calendar. Some may be webinars and some may be in-person trainings. Click on the Calendar link to find out more!

February 19: Making the Case for School Wellness | AFHK Parent Leadership Series
February 20: Bicycle Safety Education: Implement the Best Curricula for Your Community
February 25: Starting a Farm
February 27: We Are Traffic: Creating Robust Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Programs
February 27: Using the Informal Procurement Method

Visit the LiveWell Colorado Funding Opportunities Web Page for more information on these exciting opportunities for your community. As always, let Katie Baldassar ( know if you plan to apply!

February 16, 2014


National Association of County and City Health Officials Implementation of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program in English or Spanish Up to $13,500
February 17, 2014 Energy Outreach Colorado Nonprofit Energy Efficiency Program Non-monetary
February 27, 2014 AstraZeneca Healthcare Foundation Improving cardiovascular health in  communities At least $150,000
February 28, 2014 Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators Integrating environmental education into their lesson plans $2,000
February 28, 2014 Opal® Apple Youth Make a Difference Initiative Youth leadership in addressing food security, nutrition, agriculture, or food politics and education Up to $20,000
February 28, 2014 Plains and Prairie Potholes Cooperative Landscape Conservation Address the scientific uncertainties and needs that can inform better conservation Up to $250,000
March 15, 2014 Random House Children’s Books and Dr. Seuss Enterprises Funds to school employees to beautify their surroundings Up to $2,500
April 1, 2014 World of Children Health, Humanitarian and Youth awards Provides funding and recognition to support life-changing work for children Up to $50,000
Rolling Pinnacle Food Service Breakfast Building Grant Program Increase student breakfast participation $1,000
Rolling Singing for Change Address the root causes of social or environmental problems Up to $10,000
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