Lake County Girls’ Basketball Yard Sale

Hello Lake County School District Community,

Have you started your spring cleaning and come across items that you do not need anymore?  Packing up the winter gear and getting out the summer gear, finding what you are pulling out isn’t really your style anymore?  Renovating old spaces into new spaces and just don’t have anywhere to put all that junk?  WE’LL TAKE IT!

The Lake County High School Girls Basketball Program is holding a yard sale at the Lake County Middle School on May 17th to raise money for summer camp, and we need your help!  We are asking for donations of items that can be sold at a yard sale.  All proceeds from this yard sale directly benefit LCHS Girls’ Basketball players looking to go to camp this summer.  The proceeds will help pay entirely for camp and transportation fees or at least help reduce the price for each player considerably.

If you have donations, you can drop them off to Skye Sisson at the Middle School,  or contact her for a pick-up of goods.

If dropping off items, please call ahead and let her know when you will arrive and where.

Anything we do not sell will be donated to local consignment/thrift stores.

Thanks for supporting your LCHS Girls’ Basketball Program, for each opportunity we have and take to make ourselves better, we will.  We look forward to positively representing our community as we travel around the state to play and improve in our basketball skills.

LCHS Girls Basketball

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