Great Things Happening in Lake County School District –

Be sure to list on your calendars these important May dates for students and families:

7th – National Honor Society Annual Blood Drive, 1pm-6pm, High School

7th – Future Freshman Night, 6pm, High School

7th – Science Fair with Mrs. Ebuna, 6pm, West Park Elementary

8th – 1st Grade Field Trip to Buena Vista, 9am

8th – 3rd Grade Recycling Workshop, 1pm, West Park Elementary

8th – Middle School Spring Concert, 7pm, High School Auditorium

9th – High School and Middle School Music Students to Elitch Gardens Competition, Denver

9th – Panther T-shirt Day, West Park Elementary

9th – District-Wide Art Show, 6pm, Middle School Gym

12th – Project Dream End of Year Celebration, 6pm, High School

12th – High School Jazz Band to Perform at Valley Fellowship Church, Buena Vista, 7pm

13th – Volunteer Tea, 2pm, West Park Elementary

13th – Board of Education Regular Meeting, 5:30pm, District Office

13th – Musical Performance, re: Voiced – the A Cappella Experience, 7pm, High School Auditorium

14th – High School Spring Concert, 7pm, High School Auditorium

15th – 4th Grade Recycling Workshop, 1:45pm, West Park Elementary

15th – District Accountability Meeting, 5pm, Middle School

15th – PAWS Meeting, 6:30pm, Middle School

16th – Lake County High School – No School

16th – 1st Grade Leadville Walking Recycling Field Trip, 10:30am

16th – Kindergarten to Visit West Park Elementary, 12pm

16th – Youth Night for Grades 7-12, 7pm, Middle School, $2 entry fee

19th – High School Seniors – No School

19th – 5th Grade to Denver Zoo

19th – Opera Colorado Performance, The Barber of Seville for Middle and High School Music Students, 2:15pm, High School Auditorium

20th –High School Seniors – No School

20th –Final Exams for 9th-11th Grade Students, High School

20th –Kindergarten Field Day

20th –West Park Elementary Field Day

20th – 5th Grade to Fish Hatchery

20th – 8th Grade Exit Interviews, Middle School

20th – Public Tour of High School Construction Project, 1pm, High School, RSVP: 486-6800

20th – High School Spring Sports Athletic Banquet, 5:30pm, High School

21st – Final Exams for 9th – 11th Grade Students

21st – 5th / 6th Grade Field Day

21st – 7th Grade to Sand Dunes

21st – Kindergarten Graduation, 10am, Pitts Elementary

21st – 8th Grade Continuation Ceremony, 1pm, High School Auditorium

22nd – Last Day of School for Students

22nd – Make-up Finals for 9th – 11th Grade Students and Check Out

22nd – 7th / 8th Grade Field Day

22nd – 3rd Grade to Butterfly Launch at Beaver Creek, 9:15am

22nd – Preschool End of Year Celebration, 10am, Pitts Elementary

22nd – Senior Class Day Ceremony, 1pm, High School Auditorium

23rd Senior Graduation Practice

23rd Teacher Work Day

24th High School Graduation, 10am, High School Gym

26th – High School Band to 10th Mountain Memorial Day Ceremony, Ski Cooper

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