Get Movin’, Leadville

Kaiser Permanente Presents the Colorado Get Movin' Challenge From LiveWell Colorado
LiveWell Colorado launched its statewide Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge this month. The Colorado Get’ Movin’ Challenge, which is aligned with Gov. John Hickenlooper’s goal to become the healthiest state in the nation and sponsored by Kaiser Permanente, provides free online tools to encourage Coloradans to make a concerted and collective effort to being active during the month of August, with the goal to engage in physical activity for an average of 30 minutes a day for 30 days.

LiveWell Leadville will be encouraging Leadvillians to sign up for the challenge, with mail-in cards and sign-ups at the Farmer’s Market.

Registration for the Challenge has already begun at, where people will log their daily activity. Official activity tracking for the Challenge runs Aug. 1 to Aug. 30.  Once signed up, people can log their time spent doing any physical activity. The site will aggregate the total number of minutes that Coloradans are active during the month of August. Registrants can “get movin’” with almost any activity from, biking, or hiking, or even more simply by taking walking breaks around the office or neighborhood, dancing around the house with the family, and gardening—and much more.

Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge participants will receive frequent motivational support, tips and reminders throughout the Challenge, and will be eligible for various prizes based on the number of days they participate over the month-long period. People who log their activity for 15-29 days will receive a Colorado Get Movin’ hat, those who participate for all 30 days will receive a Colorado Get Movin’ Tech-Tee, and all participants will be eligible for weekly random-drawing prizes and grand prizes, including a Pedal the Plains entry, Vail Epic Pass, two night stay at a downtown Denver hotel and Fitbit Flex.

The Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge is an initiative to increase physical activity in Colorado. While Colorado is often touted as the leanest state in the nation, 58 percent of adults are overweight or obese, as are one quarter of Colorado children.  According to a CDC study, only 52 percent of Colorado adults achieve the recommended 30 minutes of daily activity and 18 percent reported no physical activity the last month.

For more information about the Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge or to register, please visit Stay up-to-date with weekly prize giveaways and challenge progress by “liking” LiveWell Colorado on Facebook, following us on Twitter and Instagram (@livewellco) and use #COgetmovin to tag your challenge photos and progress.