El Pomar Foundation funds the launch of the Youth Master Plan!


Last week, members of the High County Council in the El Pomar Foundation voted to fund the “Launch Phase” of Vision Leadville–the Leadville-Lake County Youth Master Plan. Over the next four years, the El Pomar Foundation will commit to launching the Youth Master Plan and improving youth outcomes in Leadville and Lake County.

Vision Leadville: The 2013 Leadville – Lake County Youth Master Plan is the culmination of a two year-long collaborative process aimed at transforming the way our community serves and supports its children, youth and families.  This groundbreaking effort united a large and diverse group of partners, including Lake County School District; multiple nonprofit and governmental agencies; numerous local organizations; and most importantly, the children and adults who call Lake County home.

A particular hallmark of the Vision Leadville process was the extent to which stakeholder groups provided input into the Plan.  Over the course of six months, the Steering Committee convened twenty-five diverse focus groups; conducted a major community-wide survey generating more than 900 responses; and hosted a culminating community forum attended by more than 250 people.  As a result, Vision Leadville truly reflects the priorities and concerns of the entire community.

The 2013 Leadville – Lake County Youth Master Plan is organized around five key focus areas: Education, Programs and Activities, Health and Prevention, Community Development, and Family Economics.  Within each focus area there are goals, target initiatives, and projected action steps.

To read more about the Youth Master Plan, please go here.

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