Community-School Partnerships

IMG_0031As you know there are many exciting changes happening in Leadville to make it a healthier place for youth and families. From the school district’s adoption of expeditionary learning to the youth master plan, lots of connections are being made. We need your help making one more:

Recently, LCBAG was part of a conversation with some community organizations and school district teachers to talk about how to build stronger community-school partnerships. In that conversation, teachers asked for a directory of community partners that could help them know who to contact, the best ways to work together and for what purpose–so that they could build more real life experiences into their teaching.

LCBAG agreed to help build such a directory in order to help our teachers tap into the rich expertise and experience in our community at large. We are looking for individuals, businesses, agencies and other organizations who have unique experiences and expertise that could help support our students’ educational experiences.

Please take 5 minutes to add to the directory. We will turn it into a resource for teachers to use as they build engaging and meaningful curricula for their students.

Click here to add to the directory!

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