Leadville Community Hub

The Leadville Community Hub was first envisioned by the Vision Leadville Steering Committee. This 23-member group began meeting in 2011 to create a Youth Master Plan–a five-year plan to make Leadville and Lake County an even healthier place to live or raise a family. Over the course of two years, the group conducted large public meetings and convened small workplace gatherings. Members designed surveys, translated flyers, sorted data and hosted meals. They facilitated, listened and learned. And they came away with some large collaborative projects that members hoped would make a difference.

Two goals that rose to the top at both the Vision Leadville community meeting and in a community-wide survey were (a) Improve communication about family and youth programs and events and (b) Enhance volunteer opportunities and coordination. As members of Vision Leadville Steering Committee discussed these goals, they began to imagine a website accessible by phone or computer that would serve as a single place of entry for families looking for healthy events, programs, activities or volunteer opportunities. They began to imagine a place where families could learn more about what to do in Leadville–and where agencies could learn more about what other agencies were doing. They began to imagine a “virtual hub” that would be the beginning of a more widespread effort to improve communication and community involvement.

The result of all this imagining is what you see here today–the Leadville Community Hub.