Leadville is newest HEAL City


Leadville is the newest HEAL City

Did you know that the Leadville City Council recently voted to become a Healthy Eating and Active Living (or “HEAL”) city?

In its resolution, the City specifically committed to working with Lake County to consider HEAL policies in its upcoming revision of the Comprehensive Plan.

As a HEAL City, Leadville will receive free training, support and technical policy assistance from LiveWell Colorado in any efforts to make Leadville a healthier place to live, work, or play.

By helping keep Leadville an active and healthy place, the City of Leadvile can contribute to the physical health of its citizens–and  improve overall quality of life and promote business investment in the city.

Through the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign, LiveWell Colorado will provide training, resources and technical assistance to support Leadville’s efforts to consider HEAL priorities in its upcoming Comprehensive Plan revision.

While the City of Leadville–in partnership with Lake County–will use its Comprehensive Plan process to identify exactly what to include in its Comprehensive Plan, the HEAL priorities it decides to consider could include things such as the following:

  •  Prioritizing the building of walking, biking and transit options so people have easy access to homes, jobs, schools and places to play.
  • Prioritizing the creation or support of healthy eating options like collaborative garden projects, farmers’ markets or business incentives for healthy grocers.


The HEAL Cities and Towns campaign was created by the nonprofit, LiveWell Colorado, and the Colorado Municipal League to support local, elected officials in creating policies that improve access to healthy foods and physical activity in communities throughout the state.

Leadville is participating in the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign at no cost. The campaign is administered by LiveWell Colorado and funded by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Pulmonary Disease Grant Program and through support from Kaiser Permanente.

For more information, visit the LiveWell Colorado HEAL Cities and Towns website.